Monday, September 21, 2009

Modify Democracy is Not Pure Socialism

We in this country limit our capitalist attitudes from survival of the fittest because we want a society that supports the weakest and the most fragile in our society. We believe that in a civilized society every life has value. Strange that some people who decry the lost of a human life before birth turn around and support the dismantling of social programs which protect fragile adult individuals in this country.

Socialism is decried by some as being weak or unacceptable and they try their level best to put an end to any social support programs but if we did away with those same programs many people in this country would live shorter lives and face greater hardships. The cost in human life would be unacceptable in my option.

It is one thing to promote a healthy business environment and quite another to encourage ruthless capitalism. The CEOs who lead our largest corporations in this country should understand that they have a higher moral duty to provide a supportive environment to their customers, employees and society in general even if the end result is a reduction in profit. I do not oppose capitalism because I view it as a base for a healthy strong democracy. We should support the development of small businesses because it provides a strong economy which in turn provides a healthy lifestyle for the voting public.

I have read about moral CEOs that work hard to provide their employees with a great work environment and in return their employees support their company heart and soul. I once worked for a company where I could honestly say the administrator truly cared about her customers as well as the employees and there was no better place to work. The company thrived under that type of administration even when other companies in the same industry were facing difficult economic times. Too often what make the national news are the misdeeds of uncaring and unethical CEOs. We need stronger laws in this country to protect society from unethical business practices but we also should reward CEOs who show quality caring leadership.