Saturday, September 5, 2009

State Senator Linda M. Lopez Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor

Today in Washington Middle School Park surrounded by one hundred supporters and playing children State Senator Linda Lopez announced that she would make the run for Lieutenant Governor. When asked supporters sited ethics and honesty as key reasons for their support of Senator Lopez.

The senator will have to face some difficult questions from the voting public this year because of her vote to support State Senator Tim Jennings as President Pro Tempore of the state senate. Senator Lopez was one of eight democrats to break with the democratic majority while siding with republican senators to vote for a conservative who has since sent out letters to local school administrators warning them to be ready for more budget cuts that could force them to layoff classroom teachers.

Senator Lopez told the crowd that she is ready to explain any vote she has cast in the state senate in the past. Senator Lopez also said that she will not support further cuts to the educational system this year.

The following is Senator Lopez’s announcement and an interview on some issues facing women in this state.