Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lady Justice Blind but Not Yet Deaf

Make no mistake the Justice branch of government is just that a branch of government meant to serve the voting public. Lately I have heard judges say that they should be above politics and not answerable to the voters because it influences how they decided cases in their courtrooms. How is this a bad thing?

We have one group of justices that are appointed for life and not answerable to the American people they are the U.S. Supreme Court and I have to say that at present these are the justices that I am the most unhappy with because they express their own personal political views on the bench and don’t care about the rights of the American people or the constitution. These are the conservative justices that are actives who push their own views above past legal case law.

We in New Mexico do not want a judge that behaves like Justice John Roberts on our state supreme court or our appeals court. We want judges that care about the voters and that are humble not arrogant. We want justices who care about what matters to the voters and understands that it is the welfare of the voters in this state that matters above all else. We want the right to remove any judge/justice that shows a total lack of understanding of what is best for the voters.

Laws are created to protect the voting public not to punish them. Laws are created to enhance the voters lives not to harm them. Lady justice maybe blind in this state but she is far from deaf when it comes to the voting public when it comes to this state and I for one do not want to see that change. I for one would have serious concerns when it comes to voting for any judge who feels that she or he should be above the voting public or not answerable to them.