Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dismantling of Public Education in New Mexico

State senates lead by republicans calling themselves democrats are real serious about destroying public education in this state. They want 10% cuts to our children’s educational system thereby crippling it once and for all. These men don’t care about the future of our children. At the same time they protect tax cuts for the richest in this state.

State Senator Tim Keller just pointed out the brain drain of our children to other states due to a lack of high paying jobs. Now those children will have to leave the state just to get an education. No company leader in his or her right mind would want to move to a state that cannot provide an educated workforce.

State Senator Tim Jennings and State Senator John A. Smith should be removed from office because of their cold inhuman support of only the very rich in this state.

More people should be showing their support to our Governor for his refusal to allow these men to do away with public education.