Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who to vote for in the Mayoral Race

Progressive’s leadership is split between Martin Chavez and Richard Romero with local and state leadership going to Romero and national going to Chavez. I myself am still in the undecided category.

On the one hand you have Mayor Chavez who has served 12 years and moved this city forward on green energy, mass transit, and culture when other past mayors had failed. He clearly cares about his city and is willing to fight to keep his job on the eleventh floor. He has had problems with reaching out to democrats in the last few years and he does need to pay more attention to the east side of the river when it comes to economic development.

One the other hand is Richard Romero who has the support of local progressives. He would work well with both state and local leaders. He would try to help the east side of this city to develop when it comes to local economies. He supports green energy and mass transits. He is a good candidate but does he lack vision for the future and where will those job cuts come into play when he reduces city government and how will they affect our economy?

I must admit to teasing Mayor Chavez and having fun at it because he has not been present with the party over the last few years but still his personal behavior does concern me when it comes to working with people. Richard Romero is a good man but the fact that he was an educational administrator makes me wonder which side he would fall on when it come to local educational issues.

I have been putting off voting just to try and get more information on both candidates. At this point in time the only real thing I am sure of is that R.J. Berry would be a huge mistake that this city cannot afford. His stands on issues are an insult to the intelligent of any voter in this city.