Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Student Lead Parent-Teacher Conferences

Winston Brooks’ student lead parent-teacher conferences are a total and complete failure. I would have contacted him personal to speak to him on this matter but it would appear that the superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools is also a failure at providing parents with a way to contact him. It would appear that Mr. Brooks is not very good when it comes to communication skills.

I would like to suggest that you need to rethink student lead parent-teacher conferences. There needs to be communication between parents and teachers. Parents and teachers should be working together to come up with strategies that will allow the students to achieve success in their classrooms. I am one of the lucky parents that have a student who got all A’s this term but I feel for the parents whose students did not do as well as mine. I would still have liked to been able to ask her science teacher if maybe next term we should think about moving her to an honors class.

Parents should be speaking directly with their student’s teachers and not to someone who was picked in a random fashion who does not even know their child.

The question is who’s bright idea was this and why were the parents not included in the development of this poorly though out plan?