Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Layoff the Double-Dippers First

Here is an idea that’s time has come and it just might help people to feel a little less displeased about layoffs of government employees. Since double-dippers already take home an income in the form of a retirement check why should they not be the first to be laid off if this state is forced to let people go come next January?

Better that those jobs be keep by younger individuals who are in need of income to support their families. Double-dipping was a way to prevent job openings for long periods of time during the boom years but with the unemployment rate up to 7.7% in this state this may no longer be a problem. The time has come to let younger individuals have those jobs and let the retired individual collect their retirement funds.

Capital outlay (Pork) has been frozen by the Governor until January in order to prevent it from being spent at a time when people should come before pork spending in this state. Empty buildings will be of no help to unemployed state workers. Students will have no need for new buildings if they don’t have teachers to use them in the first place. Close attention should be paid to where the growth is and how best to manage current educational resources. Student needs must be put before those of educational administration.

With the drop off in housing development new schools may be the last thing needed in some areas. At times like this when revenues are down new shiny items and buildings will just have to be put off for a few more years in order to keep the basic systems running.

Revenue creation will have to become a major initiative in order to keep the state’s economy moving in the right direction over the next few years. Studies should be carried out to determine which job markets will produce the most jobs in this state and then colleges and universities should be strongly encouraged to develop training programs for those future job opportunities.

Small start up businesses should be encouraged so as to bring in more tax revenues for the state. Partnerships should be developed between schools and small businesses so as to employee the most number of New Mexicans and prevent businesses from looking to other states for new employees. New Mexico businesses should be encouraged to develop a mentality of hire New Mexicans first. Continuing Education of entry level employees should be strongly encouraged so as to move those individuals up when opportunities for advancement present themselves.

Middle schools, high schools, two year colleges and universities should partner with local businesses to encourage interest in fields which are producing new job opportunities. Summer internships should be setup to encourage students to try new fields of study. Mentorships with people in fields that promise future growth should be encouraged by both schools and local employers.