Friday, October 2, 2009

Don’t Empower the Stupid! Support Healthcare Reform!

I received this information and links from a friend today and wanted to pass it along to my readers. Congressman Martin Heinrich has said that he would like to see all Americans have the same type of healthcare that Congress has so what does that entail? Well check out the ABC News link to find out. Like so many Americans I find it interesting that the people who oppose healthcare reform the most are the ones who already have a form of socialized medicine for their healthcare and yet they don’t want younger people to have the same type of coverage. People need to speak out to their Senators and Congressmen so that their voices are heard in the halls of congress and especially in the senate where they already have a form of socialized medicine. The voting public needs to enpower their senators and congressmen like Senator Tom Udall, Congressman Ben Luján and Congressman Martin Heinrich to push for a strong public option in the current healthcare reform bill.

Email from my friend with some interesting facts:

“Check this out. I can’t believe the unmitigated gall of these hypocrites! Especially the ones that say that they are against “socialized” medicine – when they have it. Throw this link out on your blog.

By the way, you also might want to point out on your blog that we already have “socialized” medicine and it covers at LEAST 1 out of 4 people in our country – Social Security, Veterans, and Active Military - 82 million people (minimum). This includes 57 million social security recipients, 24.5 million veterans, and all active military – all programs that are paid for by the taxpayer, in other words “Socialized Medicine”. There is a good chance that a lot of these old farts that have been coming out for things like the Million Moron March are receiving some form of socialized medicine already – so they should shut their mouths. They are also hypocrites.