Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yes! We can Lose Big if We Don’t Turnout the Voters

Last evening only 83,213 people in this city turned out to vote in our mayoral race with the result being that R.J. Berry a republican won without even having to face a runoff. Now our city will be faced with republican leadership for the next four years. The democrats through inactivity gave this city to the Republican Party on a silver platter.

For the next four years we will be faced with a daily reminder of what the whole state will face if we fail to get out the vote on Election Day. The Republican Party will be more than happy to take control of New Mexico if we allow it through inactivity.

The results of that inactivity will be a city which targets Hispanic mothers who are here in this country illegally and divide families because of it. Who will take care of those children born in America once their parents are deported? We will be faced with a 10% reduction in city services at a time when more people are in need of city services because republicans don’t believe in government. We will be faced with fewer restrictions on local businesses so they can follow the path of Wall Street and I am sure that new businesses will be encouraged to develop in republican controlled areas of the city. Police will be encouraged to focus on property crime as the murder rate climbs because illegal immigrants will not report crimes for fear of themselves being deported. Union jobs for the city will pay less because republicans have never been in favor of worker's rights to a fair wage and their treatment by management will be poor at best.

Yes we can and we did this to ourselves by not getting the voting public out to vote in a city election and we can look forward to far worse if we allow this to happen again in 2010.