Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Could Not Agree More with Monahan

Oh my god has purgatory frozen over today or what? I can’t say that I ever agree with this man but on this issue he has it dead right. Educational Administration has grown far too fat over the past few years and should be facing cuts. The governor and state legislators should be looking hard at these areas of education if they want to make cuts to education at all. Hundred thousand dollar salaries are simply not affordable at this time for any government run program. Let them leave to find another job because the last time I checked unemployment was a bit on the high side and there are not any other jobs to be had in any state in this country.

Monahan’s words:

“We're talking about a surgical strike at the excess bureaucracy in the public schools. Do we need multiple principals and administrators at our schools? Can we trim salaries of the administrators and leave teacher pay untouched?”

"Again, legislators can stop peddling the argument that they are helpless and all they can do is across-the-board cuts and let individual districts implement them. It doesn't wash."