Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conservative Democrats Attempt To Dismantle Public Education

State Senator Tim Jennings and Senator Kent Cravens spoke out long and loud on increasing classroom sizes but would not hear of cutting salaries from over bloated educational administration. Senator Jennings feels that educational administrators should be given free rain to stack classrooms in order to layoff teachers thereby encouraging a larger dropout rate in this state were we now how one of the highest in the country. This would drive out more Hispanic and Native American students then even before and further harm our public educational system. What is one or two or for that matter a dozen more students in a kindergarten class in this state?

State Senator Eric Griego was one of the more vocal progressive senators when it came to his defense of our public educational system. His passion for this issue should be admired by all parents in this state. He has taught college classes at the local community college and clearly has a better understanding of student needs.

Tax increases are still firmly off the table as the rich get richer at the expense of our children’s future. The growing divide between the haves and the have not is becoming alarming. Our best and brightest students are walking out and never coming back according to resent studies. With the current cuts we may even start to loss people who came from outside of the state in order to protect their own children. No parent will want to live in a state where public education is treated as something that must be disposed of as soon as possible.

Union representatives spoke up to try and prevent further damage to public education but with the conservatives in firm control not much was allowed to be said. Parents need to show up in mass and speak out against further budget cuts to education before it is completely too late for our state and its children.