Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the Chief of Police of Albuquerque is

Ray Schultz

I also hear that Darren White needs a lot more help with spin when it comes to the voting public. Maybe Mayor Elect Berry is trying to prevent some of those lawsuits that will result from his stand on immigration. I can see the civil liberty people having a field day with White as chief safety officer.

It was announced last evening that two more of the West Mesa victims were identify. Where was the sheriff while these women were being killed and buried on the West Mesa and how will he approach protecting women in this city over the next four years?

Property crime may be a big issue right now thanks to the team of Chavez and Schultz but if women start turning up dead or missing in this city I don’t get the feeling anyone is going to care about who took their DVD player. White’s past record is not so hot when it comes to this issue so maybe his new public relations person can start the spin on why we should feel safe with him having such a strong roll when it come to the protection of women in our fair city.

We should all wish Chief Ray Schultz the best of luck over the next four years because both him and the female voting public will need it.