Monday, November 2, 2009

What in the World was He Thinking?

The news is all over the web that State Senator Tim Eichenberg does not think that Diane Denish can win the governor’s chair in 2010. I emailed Tim to find out what he actual said at that meeting but he has still not responded. Eichenberg has been a stand up guy in the state senate so I am wondering what this is all about.

I can’t for one minute think that he would want to give our state over to the Republican Party with the economy in such bad shape because of them. He of all people should know after this last special session what the republicans would do to this state if they had that seat.

The Republican Party has control of our state senate with the help of people like Senator Smith and Senator Jennings and just look where that has gotten this state. We need true progressives in control of the state senate to protect Medicaid and Education. A Republican governor would destroy both systems while handing over large sums of money to the very rich. A republican governor would deregulate oil and gas so as to destroy our natural environment. Services to low income and middle class families would be cut to the bone.

Diane Denish has worked hard to protect K-12 education in this state and understands the value of a quality education for all New Mexicans. She told me personally at the special session that she would never support anything that would harm our children. As Lieutenant Governor she has supported ethic reforms but how often has the state senate blocked those reforms.

The Republican Party has had its fair share of scandals in the past few years so they have very light moral ground to stand on when it comes to this issue. Their own party had problems with both a congresswoman and a federal senator. My mother use to always say people who live in glass houses should be the last to cast stones at their neighbors. If the Republican Party wants to end corruption in this state then they should start by cleaning out their own house first.