Monday, November 23, 2009

Brian Colón’s Views on Education

Here is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor who understands the needs of our children and cares about our state’s economic future in a constructive manner. His new website has statements like this one on all of the current issues facing our state. Now would be the time to check out the new website and educate yourself on his views.

Brian Colón’s publicly announced views on education in this state:

“No other issue is as important to me as strengthening education. I’m a father to a wonderful boy and a husband to an incredible public school science teacher. An investment in New Mexico’s schools is an investment in our young people and essential to our economic growth in the future. Without the great education I received in New Mexico’s public schools, I would not have been able to be the first in my family to attend college. As Lt. Governor, I will make New Mexico’s children and their education my top priority.

As a former Chair of the New Mexico College Success Network, I know that early childhood education, primary school, and every grade leading up to college is critical to each young person’s future. With each new high school and college graduate, our state’s future is brighter. Our schools and our students are essential for a vibrant and innovative future New Mexico. That’s why times of financial hardship are precisely the wrong time to shortchange our children through their classrooms. I will work with the Governor and the legislature to strengthen New Mexico’s schools. My top educational priorities are to:

· Increase teacher pay;
· Implement stronger incentives for good teachers to work in rural areas;
· Reduce class sizes by building new schools and training more teachers; and
· Strengthen the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM) to make New Mexico more attractive to the next generation of high-tech and echo friendly green employers.”