Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mayor Elect R.J. Berry’s Appointments

Our soon to be new Mayor R.J. Barry will now create a job for constituent services so he can spin any harm done to the voters of this city. He will hire Tito Rizzieri from Heather Wilson’s congressional group which did more to promote the title then to help local voters.

I was at some of the first meetings with Congressman Heinrich and the amount of neglect shown our veterans during Heather Wilson time in that office was shameful. One veteran told me that since Congressman Heinrich took office more has been done for him then anytime in the past.

Darren White was picked for safety since he is known to encourage racial profiling and we will see how the federal courts downtown handle his bad behavior. I don’t think his tricks will play well with federal judges. I wonder what the cost in lawsuits will be to the taxpayers over the next four years.

Bruce Rizzieri will be the new director of city transit so we can hope for a little positive change in that area but let’s not get our hopes too high since Berry was not in favor of the transit tax even thought it has help to improve this city’s mass transit. I would like to see more bike trails in the Southeast heights but with a republican in office that hope is dead for the next four years since they don’t care much for the environment or healthy living.

John Garcia will do the job of economic development secretary which means that Berry wants to allow large businesses to run uncontrolled in our city and that could do harm to our small business leaders and our local environment. We want to see more growth of small businesses in this city but again I am not so sure how well that will go under a republican mayor. Deregulation will do our city’s economy harm at this point in time.

December 1, 2009 will not be a good day for the City of Albuquerque.