Monday, November 9, 2009

One Step Closer to Healthcare Reform for All Americans

H.R. 3962-The Affordable Health Care For America Act-passed the House of Representatives on Saturday night with a vote of 220 to 215 this bill included a public option that would lower healthcare cost. Now it is on to the U.S. Senate which is where the difficulties begin.

We can say that we are very proud of two of our congressmen in this state as they stood up for the people on Main Street and said no to pressures from large healthcare companies with deep pockets who have been filling the airwaves with false claims just to scare voters. The third congressman needs to understand that he is not a republican and that the southern part of this state thanks to the hard work of Brian Colón is moving more to the liberal side and to a true blue view of our world.

We can count on Senator Udall to stand up for the public option and work hard to pass a bill that will help New Mexicans afford healthcare. We will need to keep the pressure on Senator Bingaman so that he knows we mean business when it comes to healthcare for the people on Main Street. I am sure that large sums of money will be offered in order to persuade these men to back down on real healthcare reform but they must understand that the American people will hold them accountable if they fail to pass real reform. Now is the time for our U.S. Senators to show leadership to our state and our nation on this issue.