Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Mexico Says Goodbye to Her King Today

Bruce King who served three terms was a governor who loved people and his state. He made friends with everyone and worked hard to protect our children in this state. He was the type of man that could make people like President Bill Clinton feel like a antisocial V.I.P elected official and still the late Governor King made people of all walks of life feel important in his eyes.

Today Former Governor Bruce King was laid to rest in the Stanley Cemetery and I am given to understand that his spirit is making heaven a much funnier place to be along side his wonderful and kind wife Alice King.

Everyone who was anyone in the Democratic Party showed up today to say goodbye to the late Governor. All three federal congressmen showed up for the service today to show their respect for Governor King. Governor Richardson and Lt. Governor Denish were seated in the front row at the service. Party leader Gonzales was there along with representatives from the Bernalillo County Democratic Party. Three of the candidates for Lt. Governor even took time from the campaign to show their respect to Governor King.

State Representative Al Parks and local Metro Court Judge Ben Chavez took time out of their schedules to say their goodbyes. Former Governor Gary Johnson and Former Senator Pete Dominica both attended the service. The only downside to the service was the two unpleasant mean spirited women who tried to keep me from saying hello to our elected officials but in true Governor King fashion which says everyone is a VIP I slipped around them. What those women failed to understand was that in the Democratic Party we are all one big loving and happy family in this state even during such a sad event .

The gym was filled but not so much as when Alice King was laid to rest. The King family took up a number of rows of seating in the service. It was a sad day for them because now both Alice and Bruce are in heaven together. The King family is one that is very sincere about public service. Attorney General Gary King sit next to President Clinton during his father’s service.