Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Study Shows Albuquerque Ranked 72 for Crime by CQ Press

For the 2009 – 2010 year Albuquerque has made the list as number 72 out of 392 so what can be done to reduce the crime rate in the City of Albuquerque?

Mayor Elect Berry ran on a platform of change and crime prevention yet his first act was to hire Darren White as chief safety officer. Change is a hard road and the new mayor should probability take a harder look at finding someone new for that job who has real experience and success in reducing crime in large cities. The mayor elect should be more concerned with preventing crime and less with pleasing his own party.

The local police force should take a hard look at our local parks since they appear to attract the criminal element far too often. Homeless individuals hang out in parks during the day with no attempt in finding work or improving their life.

The Mayor Elect said that he will look into keeping homeless shelters open longer so people don’t freeze to death in our city but he should do more to help clean these people up and provide them with some form of education that would allow them to manage their problems both social and economic. Housing people in need is one thing but it would go along way to help them resolve some of their issues if the city provided councilors to assist these individuals to get back on their feet.

Councilors could guide homeless individuals to city and state programs so that they would no longer need to be in a homeless shelter in the first place. This type of approach could reduce the cost in the long run of housing the homeless in our city.

Adult homeless males are a serious problem when it comes to crime and drug problems in this city so the mayor elect should look at ways to help get these individual into treatment programs which could reduce crime in the future.

If the mayor elect is honestly serious about reducing the crime rate in this city there is a great deal he can do to help people that does not just require him standing in front of a camera handing out food to the homeless.