Friday, May 14, 2010

Albuquerque Not a Sanctuary City for Crime?

Come on Mayor Berry give us a break for real if your new policy is not directed right at racial profiling as you say then why is it not all criminal records across the country as well as internationally and not just their legal status for immigration being checked when someone is arrested in this city? Did you stop a little too short when it comes to checking on people who the police feel have crossed the line and need to be arrested? Huh?

Why not provide for the District Attorney’s Office on a timely base all the legal violations and criminal history of someone arrested in this city then maybe crime would go down. Why should immigration status be the only criminal activity checked if you don’t want to racial profile? Hum?

You’re a republican and claim to be hard on criminal so why not prove it by starting to provide our district attorney with the much needed information her office needs to prosecute real criminals. After all what good does it do public safety in this city if you deport a red light runner with not violent criminal history and set free a wanted killer and criminal just because you limited the background check based on the color of their skin or as you say their legal immigration status? You cannot actually expect Albuquerque voters to start believing that the only people in this city committing real crimes are illegal immigrates? Then again maybe republicans are just that uneducated in our city? Just saying…