Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mayor Berry’s New Policy of Racial Profiling Upheld by Republican Controlled City Council

Last evening in a vote that split Democrat and Republican City Council members the council voted to uphold Mayor Berry’s policy that promotes racial profiling right here in the Duke City.

Anyone arrested in Bernalillo County is now presumed to be guilty until proven innocent of being an illegal immigrant. Republicans have proven to be just as racist in our city as those in Arizona when it comes to the issue of immigration. Maybe Mayor Berry’s wife should start fearing deportation that is if she does not already live in fear for her safety from her own husband. One does have to wonder…

Public safety director Darren White is trying to destroy any hope of community policing in this city by making APD officers immigration cops. His hope is to join with Arizona in driving out immigrants from our state and making Albuquerque the smallest city in the southwest with no revenues for new job creation.

Make no mistake this will drive away new jobs and revenues as we are made to look like a racist city who only wants white people to apply for future jobs in this state. Aside from military jobs no one of color will be willing to work in this city or start a new company because of his policy. Heaven forbid one of their children should be stopped for a minor crime. This will only add to the belief that our city is an uneducated backwater place to live and work.

How long will it be before other states start to boycott our city and our tourism dollars dry up all together? How is this good for our city’s economy, its small businesses or its residents?

Illegal immigrants now have no reason in the world to allow police to stop them or arrest them for minor crimes because they know that it will lead to them being deported so it will cause more violent behavior in our city which will lead to more harm of our city police officers and innocent bystanders.

Have we not already lost enough police officers in the line of duty in this city already? Does the Mayor with his racist policies really need to make their jobs more dangers and difficult?