Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is the Purpose of Bail Bonds in the Criminal Court System

Innocent until proven guilty is not just a quaint concept as some republicans in our city would like to make it out to be to the voting public. That concept is one of the core constitutional rights given to people in our country which other countries have never come close to in practice. The republicans would like nothing more than to take that right away from anyone in this state who is not Lilly White as shown by Mayor Berry’s new policy on checking immigration statue before anyone is indicted of a crime.

Chief Justice Daniels of the state supreme court who is a gifted jurist has now stepped into the battle between district court judges and the former sheriff Darren White to improve communication between the two groups because district court Chief Judge Baca apparently is too close to the republicans to effectively manage his own court system when it comes to working with the those two groups.

It would appear that Judge Baca’s only way of communicating with the voting public is through conservative media sources even if they do not always portray this bigwig as someone who can be an effective court administrator. We do all miss the days of Chief Judge Lang who was a gifted communications representative for our hardworking district court judges.

The current big issue in the conservative media at present is the question of bail bonds for people who have been arrested for crimes in this city. Chief Public Safety Director Darren White fails to understand that bail bonds must be set at a reasonable amount because it was never meant to be uses as a form of punishment or as a way to keep people locked up until their trial. Bail Bond is to be use as a way to ensure that the defendant will appear before the judge to answer to any charges brought by the district attorney’s office and nothing more than just that.

The city up until now is failing to provide the court system with an accurate timely report of anyone’s criminal history and past offenses in order to give judges who set bail bonds information that would assist them in setting a reasonable bail bond and even in some cases not allowing a bail bond at all for a defendant that might pose a potential threat to the public or a flight risk.

Without that information judges must base bail bond on only the facts presented in court at the time of the bond hearing which is nothing more than attempting to judge someone by their current demander. With so many talented defense attorneys in this city many individuals get out on bond and simply fail to appear for their next court appearance which then results in a bench warrant and an even longer time before the defendant can be brought before a judge to have their case adjudicated.