Friday, May 28, 2010

Republicans Financing Conservative Democratic Candidates in Our Primary

Well they can’t vote for them and since they don’t have anyone to run against them that can stand a chance now they are paying for our conservative candidates to beat the more liberal ones in this state. How sad can the Republican Party get in one year? And it is not just anyone but it is the leader of the Republican Party putting up the funding.

House District 13 candidate Matthew Archuleta

House District 14 candidate Michael Atler

House District 70 candidate Barbara Casey

All have $5,000 more to spend on their campaigns because of the leader of the Republican Party. And that does not count anymore that he might have put into their campaigns over the last few days because that report will not come out until after the primary is over.

This is what you call a clear case of if you can’t beat them then join them. Welcome to our party Chairman Yates. Please feel free to donate as much of the republicans cash as you feel the need to because I am sure the conservatives in our party will be more than happy to take your money. However don’t count on them voting with the republicans once they are elected to office that is if they can even beat our liberal candidates.

Oh one last note I personally think that Chairman Javier Gonzales should send a handwritten thank you note to Chairman Yates for his kind donation to our candidates. I am sure that the candidates that received the funds are all pleased with his finanical support of democratic candidates in our state.