Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who do I support for Tuesday’s Primary Election?

Non-contested races in the Democratic Primary are a no brainer since we should all support those candidates.

Contested races are another matter all together. Hopefully voters have taken the time to review each candidate and know which ones they want to vote for by now. Some races are easier than others when it comes to picking a candidate.

So here are my picks for offices:

Lieutenant Governor

Brian S. Colon simply put he is an honest, hardworking, truthful candidate that support the values of job creation and public education. No better candidate then he to help get Diane Denish elected to the office of Governor.
Lawrence D. Rael
Jose Campos
Gerald Ortiz y Pino
Linda Lopez

Over the last few months I have gotten to know all of these candidates and I can say that most are good people who care about our state. I hope that Jose Campos and Gerald Ortiz y Pino will stay in the legislature where they are doing great work for this state. I hope that Lawrence D. Rael will find a job within the Denish administration because he has done and can do great work for this state as an administrator which is high praise considering that for the most part I do not respect current administrator that I know in this state.

Land Commissioner

Ray Bennett Powell This candidate understands the value of protecting both our state’s natural resources and the future of our children’s education. After the past few years we need someone in that office that values both to the degree that this man does.
Harry B. Montoya
Sandy R. Jones

Both Harry B Montoya and Sandy R. Jones are good candidates who have provide good service in the past and who will be of great service in the future to our state.

State Representatives

My state representative does not have primary competition so I would not usually comment on these races but when it comes to a democrat who takes money from the Republican Party in a primary I feel that this is a dishonorable thing to do so I will support those who are being attacked by the republicans in this primary.

District 13
Matthew E. Archuleta= Red Dog Democrat not to be voted for in this election or any other in the future.
Eleanor Chavez

District 14
Michael A. Alter Sr.= Red Dog Democrat not to be voted for in this election or any other in the future.
Miguel P. Garcia

District 70
Barbara A. Perea Casey =Red Dog Democrat not to be voted for in this election or any other in the future.
Eric M. Cummmings
Richard D. Vigil
Chris Lopez

District 46
Ben Lujan= Speaker of the House and a man who has devoted his life to public service for the voting public in this state. I know the republicans love to attempt to smear his name every chance they get but I find that as only more reason to support him. We need his strong representation in Santa Fe.
Carl P. Trujillo

Bernalillo County Commissioner District 1

Loretta A. Naranjo-Lopez
Michelle Lujan Grisham this candidate is a person with a lot of heart that will be very devoted both to the well being of her district and of the county.
Dan Serrano

Bernalillo County Assessor
Mark J. Carrillo
Karen Louise Montoya

Mr. Carrillo has made no attempt to get anyone that I know to know about him or where he stands on issues so with this being a down ballot races I can only say that Karen has worked very hard to get people to know her face and what she stands for in this election. She has shown a drive and a desire to hold this seat that her opponent has fail to do.

Patrick M. Davis a young man who is well educated and who has an outstanding career history in law enforcement. Patrick Davis is a man who has the drive and the desire to make a great sheriff for Bernalillo county.
Felix I. Nunez got to admit that this candidate comes in as a very very close second but in the end you have to go with your gut when choosing which candidate to vote for.
Manuel Gonzales III
Marie Sisi Miranda
Geraldine M. Amato
Joshua R. Timberman
Joe R. Williams