Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Owned by the Oil Companies and Deep into Their Pockets

Drill Baby Drill
Spill Baby Spill
Kill Baby Kill

Even after the daily reports coming out of the gulf coast states about the devastation and harmful effects of a major oil spill off the coast local republicans still want to reduce safety and environmental laws for the oil companies in our state. How out of touch can these people be when it comes to protecting New Mexicans? Is money for the oil companies all these people think about? What about local communities, the well being of local residents and the environment?

How far in the pockets of major oil companies are these republican candidates? Even our local Mayor who is a republican is getting into the act by switching police cars and other city vehicles for E-85 to unleaded gas. How long before our green city statue goes in the dump along with green jobs with that man as our mayor?

As for immigration Mayor Berry is looking at changing local city laws so that immigrates who are here illegally will fear reporting crimes. Thank god our governor is sane and will not hear of harming people just because of their legal statues in this state. These policy changes will only makes our city more unsafe and will lead to a higher crime rate and more desperate actions by illegal immigrates toward our local police department which could result in bystanders being killed.

One does have to wonder why Mayor Berry's wife is not speaking out in defense of other Hispanics in this city. How soon before local police start racial profiling in our city that is if they have not already started the process?