Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mayor Berry Welcomes Sex Offenders Back to our Public Libraries

Mayor Martin Chavez saw the tremendous danger of sex offenders having free run in our publicly funded libraries and band them so that our children would be safe. Mayor Chavez was always very hard on sex offenders in our city and came out with as many laws as he could to protect our children from these depraved individuals.

Since Mayor Berry took over running our city the safety of women and children in this city has dropped to the bottom of the list when it comes to priorities. A rich man’s property is far more important than the life or safety of a child in this city.

Mothers have to stand up in this city for the protection of our children above any sex offender’s rights. The mothers of this city should start by not taking their children to the registered sex offender libraries and then we should show our displeasure with his new approach by voting down any bonds that would fund a library where sex offenders are welcome.

Mayor Berry should be sent a clear message that our children’s safety should come before any rights given to convicted sex offenders. The libraries have online services and the sex offenders can have any book they desire to read so the idea that they should have free run of our children’s publicly funded libraries is just outrages and unacceptable. The idea that library staff members have any ability to stop sex offenders from harming our children once they are allow back in the library is nothing more than a joke.

We do not allow sex offenders within a hundred yards of a publicly funded school and they should also not be allowed within a hundred yards of any publicly funded library. Our main library should be for law abiding citizens and children not registered sex offenders.

This is just another clear example of why republicans should not be in control of our state or local government.