Thursday, May 27, 2010

Republican Debate for Governor Candidates

So why watch the debate in the first place? So that we will know in advance who will run against our candidate and what their positions are in the first place. Diane Denish is our candidate for governor and she far out shines anything the Republican Party has come up with in this state.

You have to feel at least a little sorry for republicans since they can't even begin to choose the best candidate to run against our candidate. Pete Domenici Jr. has no hope of getting the nomination from his father’s party even if he would have the best skills to run our state out of any of the republican candidates.

Instead Susana Martinez is their most likely candidate. She is a district attorney who simply refuses to tell the people in her own party the honest truth when it comes to the facts about immigrations issues in our state. You have to wonder is it that she lacks the intelligent or is she so lax on her own ethical skills that she is willing to lie to people on camera. Either way she is not someone we want running our state government.

Immigration and border security are two totally different issues.

As a district attorney she above all else should understand that to take drivers licenses away from illegal immigrants would only cause them to run from our police officers and to not have a reason to understand our traffic laws. Those licenses do not help them to get jobs in this state that issue is because of unethical businesses leaders that only want slave labor to do the work for them.

As for border control Martinez has no ideas on how to fix the problem and she is clearly unwilling to work with our president on these issues so how would that help our state in the first place? She would only be another governor like the one in Arizona who would pander to the far right hate groups that would in the long run cost our state jobs and revenues at a time when we can least afford it.

Clearly Pete Domenici Jr. won this evenings debate even with his lack of preparedness and yet republicans will once again further damage their party by nominating a candidate that lacks the skills and ethical behavior to even give them a chance at getting near our candidate when it come to the general election this fall.

Susana Martinez’s only hope is to stirrup the hate groups in our own state with the hope that more of them will turn out to vote in the general election than good democratic members of our own party.