Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And the Winners Are

Denish/Colon are no big surprise for the fall ticket. As I have said all along this will make the strongest ticket. With these two we will have a winner in the fall election

Denish 98% statewide
Colon 29% statewide

Lawrence Rael was a bit of a surprise taking Bernalillo County by the thinnest margin but we hope that Diane Denish will find a place for him in her administration after the fall election.

Appeals Court Judge Linda Vanzi won in a too close race with Dennis Montoya so we are all more then a little relieved by the results. Just goes to show that in the end the voters always know to pick the best candidate for the higher courts.

Linda Vanzi 54%

We are also so very proud of Judge Tim Garcia and Judge Robert Robles. Judge Robles will need our united support this fall to ensure that the appeals court stays sound.

Commissioner of Lands will be Ray Powell this fall which could not come at a better time since we need a democrat in that office to protect the environment and to provide for our children’s education in the future.

Nice to see that none of the candidates for state representative who took republican money came even close to wining any of their races. Democrats know when someone is not being honest with them.

Close race for Ben Lujan Sr. but he still won by 2%.

District Court Judges

Gerard Lavelle 52.8% Nice!
Shannon Bacon 63.9% No big surprise.

County Commissioner District 1

Michelle Lujan Grisham 47.54 Good job!

Results from Bernallio County Sheriff's Race

Patrick Davis 21.14%
Manual Gonzales III 26.68%
Marie Sisi Miranda 23.84%

A disappointing result but you cannot win them all. Sheriff Gonzales will have to work very hard to win people over to his camp before the general election this year other wise this seat will once again go to the republicans in our county.

Last piece of advice for the day is that all the candidates should take a break and give the voters a break before they launch into the campaign for the fall election. I am sure the husband and wives need a break to reconnect with their other half.