Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Issue of Clean Ground Water for New Mexico’s Future

“Higher taxes and excessive regulations (Pit Rules) force jobs out of New Mexico.” From Susana Martinez’s website.

San Juan County, by far, had the most incidents of groundwater contamination related to oil and gas pits. Yet Susana Martinez would be the governor that would either do away with regulations or reduce them to the point where they had no effect on the gas and oil industry. How is this protecting our families?

Just so we are clear take a closer look at the evening news so you can see the devastating results of fewer regulations on the gas and oil industry when it comes to the Gulf Coast. Martinez even invited Sara Palin of “Drill baby, Drill” fame to support her during her campaign for the republican nomination for governor.

Environmentalists have a new saying for Sara Palin and her friends like Martinez.

“Drill Baby Drill, Spill Baby Spill, and Kill Baby Kill.”

Surely we do not want a governor that would kill off tourism, small famers, and future growth in this state with her support of companies that would contaminate our valuable groundwater. Nothing in this state is more valuable to us then our clean groundwater. We should all demand that any future governor protect it from uncontrolled and unregulated industries that would destroy our state’s potential for future economic development.

Clear water in New Mexico is now and will be in the future one of our most valuable assets. I am sure that Martinez coming from San Juan County may not know what clean groundwater even looks like but we in the center and northern parts of this state do not want our drinking water contaminated for more profit that would only go to the large gas and oil companies such as BP. Then again we all know what they are famous for don’t we.

"The top five offenders include: Enterprise, BP America, XTO, Williams and PNM. These companies are responsible for more than 60% of the groundwater contamination incidents related to oil and gas pits in New Mexico."