Saturday, June 5, 2010

Republican Racism Driving City Policy

Dan Lewis is a new white republican younger man who appears to also be racist. He would pass city council statutes that would target Hispanics in our city. He like other republicans would use fear and hate of immigrates to drive city policy. Mr. Lewis forgets where he lives which is not part of Arizona.

It was reported that federal data is proving that Arizona is using lies to drive state immigration policy. Attacks and violent crime is less in the border region then it is in most large cities in our country. Illegal immigrates fear nothing more than drawing the attention of local law enforcement so they commit less crime then people born in the United States. Big Surprise!

Albuquerque is a diverse city with a large population of native born Hispanics. Some of our residents are from Mexico, other have parents who have come from Mexico while still others have families who have live in Albuquerque before it was even apart of the United States. Respect for cultural differences has always been a hallmark of our city. In the early days of Albuquerque the illegal immigrates where white not Hispanic. We have had many Hispanic city leaders and we value the Hispanic culture of this city. The south valley home to many Hispanics is one of the most active regions of our city when it comes to voting.

Listening to hate radio just the other day I heard a polling judge who was suppose to be protecting voter rights bragging on air about driving voters away from the polls and even denying some people the right to vote. This is the result of hate politics that are promoted by people like Dan Lewis and Susana Martinez.

Our own Mayor is leading the charge when it comes to passing racist policies toward the Hispanic population in this city. Since when are we following the same path as Nazi Germany and enacting laws that would target one cultural group and blaming them for all of our social problems.

Our own party leaders are beginning to move more toward treating Hispanics like the enemy by revoking the ability for immigrates to receive driver licenses. Human rights should come before fear or hate of people who are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their children.

If the republicans truly want to enact laws that target groups of people that were not born in our state let’s see them start with one that are water thieving Texans so they can’t run for governor of our state. I don’t suppose they would like being the target of racist laws either.