Thursday, June 10, 2010

Southwestern Witch-hunts of 2010

“It seems as long as great masses of people allow themselves to be whipped into hysteria by those with their own political agenda, the witch-hunts will continue. The only defenses against modern witch-hunts are education and tolerance for those of differing beliefs” and nationalities. Written by Stuart A. Kallen and found in a book about the Salem Witch Trials.

When a teenage child is shot to death at our borders then we can start to call the immigration issue of the southwestern states a modern day witch-hunt. When the state of Arizona can hunt down and deport innocent women and children whose only crime is their legal statue then we have a modern day witch-hunt. When law abiding individuals can be asked to produce their papers during traffic stops and can be held for long periods of time until their citizenship can be proven then we have a modern day witch-hunt.

Our own Mayor Berry is as guilty as the political leaders of Salem Village from the sixteen hundreds when it comes to enacting policies that will encourage our own police force to conduct modern day witch-hunts of immigrates right here in the City of Albuquerque. Dan Lewis from our city council would enact statues that would encourage our federal government to hunt down women and children for the express purpose of deporting them to a country where many are ending up dead from drug violence.

When are the good people of Albuquerque going to stand-up and demand that this witch-hunt end before more women and children have to dies at the hands of our government? For a nation of immigrates we are setting a poor standard of behavior for other countries to follow.