Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sex Offenders Welcome Near Children’s Future School

Want to talk about the height of not caring about what parents would think. The APS School Board wants to buy a church downtown that is only 300 yards away from sex offender heaven. APS board members should be removed in their next election because of their indifferences to the safety of our children.

APS Board members have become disconnected and indifferent to the concerns of parents and the voting public thanks to board President Marty Esquivel. The man is on a all out power trip that can only lead to permanent damage to our public school system in this city.

One has to wonder if maybe Board President Marty Esquivel is just looking for a new plush downtown office for himself because he is a lawyer. He has to know full well that no parent in their right mind would want their child going to a school that close to a office where 700+ sex offenders report in every month.

Parents should show their outrages at the APS school board on their next school election ballot.