Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unemployment to Stay High in The City of Albuquerque for the Next Year

The local news for unemployment in the city is not good. The University of New Mexico’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research is projecting a .8 percentage point job loss in 2010 for the state and that the City of Albuquerque will mirror those same results. At present unemployment rates for the state is 8.7 percent. Admittedly places outside of the larger cities in this state are being harder hit.

City Councilman Dan Lewis who is well known for his racist approach to illegal immigration is now spending taxpayers dollars by sending faxes promoting fast food restaurant openings. Chick-fil-A which is owned by a friend of his was promoted this week for it’s 60 minimum wage jobs that were brought to his city council district.

The interesting fact of this is that if it had been a democratic city councilman that engaged in this activity then the mayor, republican councilmen and the Republican Party would have been screaming for him to step down for using city funded equipment to promote a friend’s business. Perhaps someone should look into this issue to see just how often Lewis has been using public equipment for personal use.

As for the issue of promoting small businesses in our local city small businesses do need the support of their local city councilman I for one would prefer that support to go to local business leaders instead of national fast food chains. We should be looking at ways to promote all small businesses in this city and not just ones that are personal friends of republican city councilmen.

Mayor Berry is failing miserable to bring in any new businesses for this city and pretty much stays in his office coming up with new ways to drive away businesses by attacking unions and immigrates. His inability to promote job growth in this city will most likely end up causing a higher unemployment rate in the long run even if the nation starts to recover faster.

We need someone in this city that understands how to promote small business and also how to promote green energy jobs.