Monday, June 7, 2010

Demystifying the Court System

The United State Court System is often referred to as the people’s court because it function is to try in a fair and balanced manner anyone accused of a crime or sued for good cause. In the past in England people were required to attend court cases and then they relaxed it to be only if you could attend but in present day for the most part courtrooms are very empty places with little room for viewers of the cases.

In a criminal court defendants are supposedly considered innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty of a crime. Still in today’s society it is often the reverse in the mind of most individuals. In a civil court system the rules are even less exacting because they require that someone only has to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence.

To see how uneducated most individuals are when it comes to our own justice system is scary beyond belief. To think for one moment that televised court cases would in any way educated the general public on the real roll of the court system in this country would only help to protect our liberties and our basic rights.

To see how often people are forced to represent themselves in a court of law where they do not even begin to understand the process would also be very enlightening. By televised I mean something like court c-span where cameras are placed in different areas and a fair and balanced projection is given without the commercial drama that most major networks would want.

One does have to wonder if maybe some of these factors are the reason why some court systems are dead set against televised court cases or for that matter even still photos. There is also the O.J Simpson factor which makes judges fear looking like fools on camera which prevents them from agreeing to televise court cases. There might just be a few judges out there that should be removed from the bench and that would show only too clearly up on a camera. Cameras just might even educate the State Supreme Court on the matter long before enough lawyers felt the need to report it.

I have read that the U.S. Supreme Court fears a loss of respect if we demystified their daily activities. Sorry to explain to Chief Justice Roberts but most liberals have little to no respect for him already as demonstrated by the behavior of the U.S. President and if they saw him in action on the court it just might help his respect level since people just might begin to understand his far right reasoning if only a little.

Strange how most people agree that at some point in the future that cameras in the courtroom will be common but at this point we must simply wait until the older generation dies off for it to happen.