Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Ads in New Mexico

So by now most voters in New Mexico have seen the advertising running by BP oil company that apologizes for the oil spilling into the Gulf Coast region. Still no apologize for the contamination of ground water in the southern part of our own state by the same company.

So why apologize in New Mexico? The answer is clear we have a governor’s race which could put Susana Martinez in the governor’s office where she could allow oil companies such as BP to operate all through our state without any form of regulation to prevent further contamination of our valuable ground water.

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court system corporations like BP and other oil companies can now buy the governor’s seat in this state so that they can override the voters and operate without regulations that would protect tourism, small businesses, green energy companies and the environment in our state.

Some of Susana Martinez’s largest donors are oil companies. Wow! What a big surprise. Susana Martinez has been very vocal about making New Mexico a business friendly zone for these large corporations. What should voters expect from someone born in Texas?

Democrats need to fight hard for Diane Denish to protect our state from a corporate takeover in November.