Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Appointed Judges a Huge Mistake for New Mexico

The U.S. Supreme Court is a group of appointed justices that has a conservative controlling majority that is far right in nature. They rule in favor of big business all of the time. They rule in favor of allowing big business to buy our elections. They rule against women when it comes to equal rights and equal pay. They rule against unions and the protection of worker’s rights.

They get life time appointments and we have no say or control over how they rule on cases like freedom of choice when it comes to our own personal reproductive rights. They rule in favor of allowing our government to put people in prison without a trial all of the time. As a Democrat I have a serious dislike for life time appointments to our court system either state or federal. Lifetime appointments for justices have by far not put an end to political issues on the Supreme Court system but have had the reverse effect.

I am sure republican controlled news papers like the journal will support any appeals court candidate that wants this type of system for our state courts. The Republican Party in this state would love nothing more than to be able to appoint for life conservative judges that would rule in their favor all of the time. They would not need as many on the courts to control our court system and they would not have to spend money to get the same results. The voting public would be unaware of the change until it was far too late.

I personally cannot see myself voting for any candidate that would support such a court system in our state even if that candidate’s opponent does have questionable ethics. This issue is far too important for the voting public to accept the lesser of two evils.