Monday, April 19, 2010

A Woman’s Home is her Castle!

“A man’s home is his Castle,” that saying just puts any woman’s nerves on edge for the very get go. Our state has the second highest rate of rape in the country. Our governor has worked years to deal with an unacceptable ranking when it comes to domestic violence in this state. Too often you hear men who appear civilized say that a woman should just accept rape as a fact of life in our state. "Just lay back and enjoy it." Yet our state laws say that you must us equal force for protection even if the intruder is 30 years younger then you and high on drugs as they break into your home with sleeping children to take your personal property then rape and murder you and your children.

I am told that a law that would allow women to use lethal force to protect themselves in such cases and their children from an intruder would be unconstitutional. In other words fist against fist even if you are the weaker individual.

Well my answer to that is simple. A gun, an iron skillet, a few long knifes as wall décor, a baseball bat and oh by the way a good defense lawyer’s numbers on speed dial. I was once given a very good piece of advice by a judge when he told me that the legal system was not there to protect you and that no judge could ever prevent a crime from happening. In this state you must become the criminal before the law will protect you. The thing homeowners need to understand is that if they protect themselves then they will face the legal system and should have the advice of council before they willingly answer any questions put to them by law enforcement in this state.

If enough criminals die at the hands of homeowners who are protecting themselves and their families then maybe they will think twice about braking into someone’s home. I know this does not make judges happy to hear but the general public has a right to protect themselves when law enforcement fails them so completely. I would be the last to use lethal force unless my life or my child’s life was in danger but if pushed any mother in this state has the right to defend her castle. That is my two cents on the subject.

Oh, ladies one other thing my self defense instructor had one piece of advice for me that was use anything at hand to disable an attacker. Always have your keys ready as a weapon if attacked or nail file or shoe heal to the knee or even a little higher. Just another good reason to have that three inch pair of killer heals that makes your legs look great.