Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Small Business Supporter for Brian Colon

With the unemployment rate reaching close to 9% in the state of New Mexico voters are looking for candidates who are serious when it comes to supporting the owners of small businesses. Small businesses are the engine when it comes to job creation in this state and around the country.

Candidates are now looking to discussions with current small business owners to find ways in which to encourage growth and find ways to encourage future small business development in the state. Grassroots will become an important issue and an avenue for small business leaders to get their concerns heard by future local government leaders.

It is beginning to dawn on individuals that the combination of education which will provide a trained workforce and small business development are the future methods to develop strong economic growth and therefore job growth in this state. Now is the time for small business owners to speak up and let their voices be heard by democratic candidates who will be leading our state for the next four years.

Republicans in this state have always been friends of large corporations and have never work well with small business owners at times even sacrificing home grown companies in order to protect large corporate interest. For the Republican Party it has always been about the high dollar donations that would buy them network air time in order to get elected.

With the current recession hitting this state harder then any past recession now is the time to grow small business and education so as to provide a strong economic base for future job growth.