Sunday, April 25, 2010

President Obama is Wrong about Clean Coal

My birth state of West Virginia has lost 29 miners that were mourned today by that state in what President Obama called pursuit of the American Dream. My father who worked in the coal mines of southern West Virginia for 35 years of his life so he could managed to achieve that dream for his children by making bloody sure that we got a good education that would keep us out of and far away from the coal mines.

Coal cannot be the future of clean energy in this country if those miners’ families ever hope to achieve the American Dream. Mining will only lead to more nightmare lives and deaths if we make coal a major source of energy in this country.

The environmental damage done by hilltop removal mining of coal is too high a price for our country to pay for cheap energy. The lives it takes because of the failure of the federal government to correctly oversee safety in those mines is just too much to ask of the families in that part of our country.

This is one area where President Obama has completely failed to see what is good for our country. He should be working hard to find ways to encourage clean safe energy that does not cost us the environment and the lives of low income individuals. This is his fault for backing big coal companies and blocking mine safety laws that should have been pasted when he first took the oval office all in the name of energy independents.

I don’t even begin to understand how he can face the families of those miners today. What can he possible do or say other than to close that coal company down for good that would even begin to make up for his administration’s failure to protect their men’s lives in the first place.