Monday, April 26, 2010

New Arizona Law More Harmful then Helpful

A new law in Arizona could have a reverse effect on the safety of residents in that state and surrounding states. The Governor of Arizona signed into law a bill over the weekend that would allow police to ask individuals to show legal paperwork to prove that they are here in the United States legally.

Hispanic individual fear that even if born in this country they could be detained for not having paperwork which most Americans don’t even think about caring on their self if say they are just out for a walk on a nice spring day.

The new law would unfairly direct attention toward Hispanic looking individuals since I don’t think that people with southern accents and blonde hair are going to be asked if they are American born.

The Arizona Governor has said that she will not permit racial profiling but it is hard to see how she will be able to prevent it unless everyone is required at all times to carry and produce legal documents that prove they are American born. The Arizona Governor clearly fears increased border violence and is in a misguided way attempting to solve the problem that has plagued Border States for some time.

The problem with this law is that it may turn victims into outlaws who are unable or fearful of reporting crimes due to their own legal status in this country. That makes 460,000 individuals outlaws who can no longer report crimes in the state of Arizona. They must also fear their neighbors who can now report them to the police and request that their status be proved just because of their ethnic background.

Landlords and business owners are now free to take advantage of these individuals since the only one harmed if reported will be the one without legal paperwork.

The economic picture is also not a pretty one for Arizona since now those individuals who can afford it will be encourage to leave Arizona most likely to nearby states to feel safe so they will take their taxpayers dollars with them and spend it in other states.

Arizona has in effect posted a whites only sign on itself and made clear that any person of color is not welcome in their state. This is truly a step backward for civil rights and will draw a great deal of attention to the people that feel this is the way of the future.

Arizona should be working on ways to make people legal and not on ways to drive them out of the state. They should be providing teams of lawyers that could help people for free to get their citizenship paperwork instead of deporting those individuals.

Arizona should like New Mexico embrace its Hispanic culture and find new ways to help secure it borders without making victims of people who are only searching for a better life. Let us all hope or pray that the governor of Arizona sees the error of her way soon and rethinks what is best for her state and her neighbor states on this issue.