Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Second Most Dangerous State in the Union

Well is that just not special? Darren White has not even been safety director in Albuquerque for more than six months and our state is already the second most dangerous state in the union but then again give the man credit where credit is due after all how long was he a failure as our Bernalillo County Sheriff.

It was just pointed out today that for the longest time the republicans have had control of the police forces in this state and just look what a great and wonderful job they are doing. Time for a Democratic Sheriff if you ask me unless you want to see our state make the top of that list next time it is released.

I was driving back from the Westside today and saw about 20 police cars and bikes on Coors just north of the I-40 interstate exchange. It turned out that a bank robber had hit and killed two women while trying to flee police after holding up a bank. That particle road has seen a lot of activity by police but yet the mayor has not improved the safety of residents in that area of the city as of late.

No. 2: NEW MEXICO--Nation rankings
Assault: 5
Burglary: 3
Murder: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 7
Rape: 2
Robbery: 23

Now the mayor of our fair city is more worried about robbery which is the only area where crime might just be looking up but he has not said a word about Assaults, Burglary, or Murder. The Mayor was the victim of an auto thief during the election yet he has not done anything to put a dent in Motor Vehicle Theft in this state as of yet. Maybe he is too busy attacking the police and firefighting unions to be bothered with such mundane issues as public safety.

Rape tops the list with our state coming in at number 2 so where is the attempt to keep women in this state safe from harm? Why are they doing everything in their power to protect criminals by forbidding the release of information that would only protect women and provide them with much needed information about possible offenders? Why is it property crime offenders and not sex offender’s pictures we see on electric billboards around the city.

Again if we want these rankings to change than it is far past time to change who is in charge of our police forces in this state and we can start with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s department this coming fall.