Saturday, April 3, 2010

Colon’s Crew: “No Push Polls.” Period Ever!

After reading some comments from individuals made lately I felt the need to contact Brian Colon’s Campaign to ask if they were somehow engaged in a push poll or if there was some kind of misunderstanding. Dan’s official response was that the Colon Crew does not now nor will it ever conduct a push poll on any candidate. I believe them because Brian Colon is a personal friend and I know he is not the kind of person who would allow such behavior or disrespect another candidate in that manner.

I would hope that all of our candidates will play nice and work hard on getting their positive message out to the voters. What matters the most to democrats in this state are the issues and boy do we have issues. Let’s just put it out there Diane Denish will need a lot of support for a good lieutenant governor over the next four years.

Things that should be covered by all of the candidates are:

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


Small Businesses

Mental Health



Public Safety


These issues are interlinked and affect every single New Mexican. With the budget being so tight for the next few years we want and I have told this to all of the campaigns to hear what their visions are on how to solve these very important problems.

The last thing we need is to hear candidates attacking each other at the expense of the voting public or for that matter the party. So my advice for all the candidates is play nice or pickup your toys and goes home guys that mean not taking unfair advantage of any candidate.