Thursday, April 15, 2010

Congressman Heinrich Shows Them How to Get It Done!

· Cash in the bank: $1,044,741.92
· Amount of money raised: $300,233.83
· Percentage of contributions that are from New Mexicans: 87
· Percentage of contributions that are from individuals: 95
· Total number of contributions: 1,222
· Average contribution amount total: $246
· Average contribution amount from individuals: $181.85
· Percentage of contributions that were under $100: 69

Voters in the First Congressional District send a strong message that they like their congressman and the Republican Party should just throw in the towel when it comes to that congressional seat.

Clearly Martin Heinrich has the support of grassroots voters and he even appeals to moderate voters.

Over the past year he has proven to be a strong supporter for items that will be beneficial to residents of the first congressional district. He has also been a strong supporter for our troops even when it caused him to take heat from the far left side of our party. For our congressman it is all about his district and what is good for our country. He is a strong family man who cares about the walfare of our children.