Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Mexico’s Revolving Jailhouse Door

Some conservatives in New Mexico want to throw them in a jail cell and then throw away the key forever as a way to make voters safer but is that honestly the only answer a civilized society can come up with now a day?

For far too long in the legislature State Senators like Cisco McSorly has pleaded for more treatment beds for drug abusers and alcoholic inmates. The conservatives in the state senate have always turned a deaf ear to such ideas and now the voting public is being made to pay the price for their callous attitude toward effective public safety measures.

Public safety director Darren White is calling it the revolving jailhouse door as he blames it all on our local hardworking judges but in honesty the judges in this state are bound by the rule of law and are limited on what they can do to help put an end to repeat offenders. They don’t have the resources to force offenders to be committed to effective treatment facilities that do not even exist in the first place thanks to conservatives.

As for throwing property crime criminal in a cell we only have a limited number of jail cells in this state so which would you rather see in them either a common criminal, such as thief or maybe a drug abuser or someone who enjoys killing innocent voters just to see the fear in their eyes as they die?

As the wise and thoughtful Chief Justice Charles Daniels, who sits on the state supreme court, has said unless more funds are spent this problem will not soon come to an end and the most outspoken individuals on this issue are the same ones that have for years fought providing more funding for the court systems and treatment programs in this state. Still he is calling all the interested parties together to try and do as much as he can with limited funding and resources which again was the result of a conservative controlled state senate not being willing to think ahead what the results of their behavior would be on the voting public’s safety.

If anyone should be removed from office in Santa Fe it should be the conservatives in the state senate who have for years blocked effective public safety measures in the name of keeping taxes low on the richest individuals in this state.