Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Unelectable Candidates

After this week is over and the healthcare bill is passed then future candidates of the Democratic Party had better understand that one penny for a insurance company, its employees or its administration will make them unelectable in 2010 or any future election.

Once the American people truly understand that the president along with the sixty percent of the U.S. Senate sold them out from the very start there will be no stopping the progressives paired with the independent voters to push back on this issue. Campaign donations from the insurance industry will be toxic to future candidates as voters express their anger over being sold out and forced to buy insurance they cannot begin to afford. In the future we will be watching as those same politicians try to force tax increases to hand even more taxpayers dollars over to the insurance industry which has brought and paid for our president.

The progressive movement lead by Howard Dean has its work cut out for it finding solid progressive candidates that are willing to reject money from that industry in order to fix the mess that our current system is about to create. The voters will be reminded on a daily bases every time they look at their paycheck just how angry they are about this bill which does not include a public option or anything else that will force the insurance industry to curve cost.

This fight is far from over! Voters have a great deal of influence at the polls each two years and their anger will drive them to force these corrupt politicians out of office as soon as they become eligible for reelection. We as Americans cannot allow either democrats or republicans funded by the insurance industry to forcible take using the legal system our hard earned income just because the insurance industry was willing to pay off our politicians.