Thursday, December 17, 2009

President Gary Johnson?

I had to wonder why Gary Johnson was speaking a lot more to the local press but this takes the cake for it. The man who ran our state into the ground and told our children that it was ok to take drugs now wants to be president.

It took Governor Bill Richardson years to undo the damage that Johnson did to education in this state because of his policies as Governor. Still he is now looking at a run for president.

Let’s not forget that his wife divorced him shortly after he left the governor’s office. It would appear he is working on a grassroots campaign and courting the tea party as his supporters.

He reportedly has been attending their meetings here in our state. I knew that the tea party appears high but had not idea that they had gone off the deep end to this point.

The tea party is a far right wing group known to hate government, taxes and anyone who is not light of skin. I have seen skin head individuals attending their events that openly attack our current president because of his race.

Looks like Johnson is determined once again to make his home state the laughing stock of our country. You almost have to feel sorry for the Republican Party with representatives like this making national news. Please does it have to be our state or can we get him to move to Texas?