Thursday, December 10, 2009

Progressives Outraged with Failure of Healthcare Reform

Progressives around the country and the state are outraged by the selling out of the U.S. Senate to the Healthcare industry. It has been made clear that Senator Raid has no ability to move this reform forward and has in the end giving the Republican Party everything they wanted and more while giving the American Voting Public nothing in return for their support last November.

The back lash from this complete and total failure will be felt by U.S. Senators for many years to come as progressive leaders seek to remove conservative senators in an attempt to correct the colossal mistake carried out by the U.S. Senate and the current president.

Their fear of conservatives will result in a loss of votes and control until a new senate can be installed that will more clearly reflex the views and desire of the voting public.

The insurance industry will rake in huge profits at the expense of the voting public but in the long term will lose total control and may not survive the anger of the progressive voters.

Just a few of the reactions:

Keith Olbermann-“total and unmitigated defeat without a war.”

Jane Hamsher- “Shoveling taxpayer dollars into ‘too big to fail’ insurance companies is not the change I voted for,” she wrote. “The failure to establish a public option to control medical costs and increase competition is President Obama’s failure alone.”