Saturday, December 26, 2009

Of the People, by the People and for the People

Our founding fathers worked hard to create a system that was answerable to the people of the United States. Government officials are not appointed but elected by the people and are therefore answerable to the people who take the time to cast a vote. Without this system our country would be either a dictatorship or ruled by a kingship. Our founding fathers gave their lives and their blood to make sure that we had the right to vote for government officials. The reason is simple if someone is answerable to the American people then they must in turn take into consideration what the American people feel is best for them.

Now as President Obama has proven as of late that principle does not always hold true. Once elected it is up to the elected official to hold true to his or her promise and core values to work in the best interest of the voters that elected that individual.

Today major corporations are spending large amounts of money to overcome an elected official’s desire to work for the American Voters. They convince elected officials that with time and money elected officials can get away with anything as long as the advertising agents have enough time to spend it in the desired context. They go around explaining that the American people are un-educated or undereducated and that the vote is simply a popularity contest that will be given over to the richest candidate who has the best advertising.

In some areas they are right because we have failed as a country to give voters the information to make educated decisions when it comes to their own government. The Republican Party truly believes that it is a good thing to have uneducated voters who can be taken advantage of for their advancement. The Republican Party has convinced the American people that politics is a dirty word and that they should have noting to do with the people who run our country or our state. Some American don’t even understand that elected officials are answerable to them and are not better then anyone they represent.

I have heard a Appeals Court Judge express her views and that she should be appointed for live so that she is not answerable to any voters because it might just have an effect on how she would rule. So if the people have no pressure on our government then how on earth can we call it a country that is of the people, for the people and by the people.

Laws are created by people not god and are not always perfect. Much is left up to interpretation so it comes down to a judge’s best judgment that is in the best interest of the people as a whole. We don’t want people in any elected position who feel they are better then the people they represent in government at any level. It is up to our elected officials to make every effort to make sure that they get out and educated voters on the issues and on why they would best represent voters interest and not just the views of the rich or the powerful in this country.

I truly believe as our founding fathers did that if we want a good honest country that has the capacity to work for it people that people who work for the government should be elected by the people and not appointed by the powerful.