Sunday, December 27, 2009

Open and Honest Government? Seriously ?

Is it just a fantasy that can never be achieved in the real world of politics? Our president promised open decision on healthcare reform but the truth is that we were sold out in back room deals that were never intended to be open to the American voters because the deals had been done long before the first vote was ever cast.

We can go back and review all the campaign promises in the world that are on tape but the simple truth of the matter is that the president feels his judgment is more important then what the voters want out of our government. He has clearly stated that the public option for healthcare was never a major deal breaker for him. It was never about what we wanted but about what he wants that counts in the federal government and he will tell the American people as many lies as he has to in order to get his way on this issue.

The question is will there ever be a time when Main Street takes a front row position to the needs and the wants of Wall Street? The answer is no! Not as long as large corporations are allowed to pour large sums of money into campaigns. Main Street voters will get second place and the bill for first place.

Winning at all cost has made losers of the American voting public. Campaign reform should be voted on by the people and not left to the politicians who directly benefit from money given by large corporations who out right buy their votes and influence over our political process.

It will take an outraged public to demand a public vote on this issue and until the American Voting Public is willing to fill the streets and demand a public vote on this issue it will be business as usual in Washington. We should simple stop believing in open and honest government because the special interest and lobbyists will find a dark spot to pull our elected officials into in order to buy their vote and their influence which should only be used to improve the lives of the American people.

President Obama is a sad disappointment and the progressive movement should do all they can in the future to remove him for office. His links to big business are way to open and his choice in administration has made it clear that they will not take any responsible for their failures when it comes to public service.