Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who is the Real Conservatives in Our City and State

Is Mayor R.J. Berry living up to his conservative views of cutting the city budget? Funny for a man who preached fiscally conservative views during his campaign when it came to the city budget it does appear strange that he is paying his chief safety officer a salary of $125,000 which is well above the county sheriff’s salary and above the $100,000 mark plus Darren White will be one of those famous double dippers who the voting public love to hate since they are doing serious harm to our public retirement funds.

With word that the state is once again looking at raising the amount of income that state and educational employees have to pay into those funds the sight of someone like Darren White taking home well over $125,000 could do R.J. Berry’s image of being a fiscal conservative a great deal of harm in this city. The future will tell us if our new mayor is willing and able to live up to his views on the city budget or if it was all just words to get him elected during difficult economic times.

White will not be the only double dipper hired by the new mayor so why is the chief of police the only employee who is turning down a retirement while the others are cashing in on this unacceptable set of rules.

It sure looks like it will take democrats like Diane Denish, State Senator Tim Keller, State Senator Tim Eichenberg and State Senator Cisco McSorley to cut these over paid public employees off from the gravy train of state retirement funds at a time when our state cannot afford their price tags.

It does not appear strange at all how State Senator Jennings and State Senator Smith want to tax average voters for their daily bread before doing something to deal with this problem. Maybe they are too busy protecting their own pork to fight for a real way to cut cost in our retirement funds.