Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If No Public Option

Is the Democrat controlled senate giving in to the health insurance industry and removing the public option from what they would outrageously call reform? Will the America voting public stand by and watch while real healthcare reform is sold out to the insurance industry.

What happens when low income working families and the middle class are forced to buy insurance they cannot afford because the federal government forces them into a position where they have no other option? What will these families have to give up in order to hand over their hard earned cash to private insurance companies who rake in huge profits?

Why after being giving a huge victory last year in November’s election are Democratic Senators caving in to pressure to remove a public option from healthcare bills. How much money has been handed over to senators to betray the voting public on this issue?

It would indeed appear that they don’t care what the public wants but only what the insurance gravy train industry wants in this matter. When will the U.S. Senate and the Oval office grow a backbone and stand up for the American people? How is this different from having the Republican Party in control of the U.S. Senate? If democratic senators fear lossing seats in the senate then they had better start pushing for a public option unless they want progressive voters to not cast a vote in 2010 for any U.S. Senator.